Do you Think your Pets are Perfectly Healthy? Learn Why They Need to See their Vets Regularly

Nobody else loves your pets than you do. A part of it is making sure that they get the best possible care from a vet. Though making an appointment with a veterinarian can be stressful and expensive sometimes, we have to keep in mind that pets are like us humans. They must visit an animal hospital regularly, not only when they’re feeling under the weather.

Aside from their necessary vaccinations, here are the most important reasons why you should bring your pets to the vet yearly:

1. Like Us Humans, Pets Need Annual Professional Medical Check-up 

When you skip your yearly visit to the doctor, you will most likely not know any medical issues you have. The same goes for your pets. If they continually miss their annual visit to the vet, they can become at risk for fleas, ticks, heartworms, rabies, and other diseases, including fatal illnesses like cancer. In addition, this regular check-up may save your pets from growing malignant tumors or maybe getting parasites in their body. Vets can see these problems and help you fix them. If you avoid this important check-up for your pets because you think it’s costly, their lives can be at stake.

During this check-up, the vet will also assess your pets’ gums and teeth because they can be responsible for other health problems. 

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2. Going to the Vet Will Let you Save Money in the Long Run

If you neglect to take your pets to the vet as needed, your bills will pile up. Skipping your pets’ regular check-ups can cause a worsened illness. And when you take them to the animal hospital, you will find out that the price could be ten times higher than it could have been if you didn’t miss their regular check-up. Like us humans, it would be less costly if our physicians knew about our illness early on.

Imagine this scenario: Because a person missed his/her annual check-up, the physician didn’t find out about his or her pneumonia. Since it was left untreated, it resulted in a more serious complication such as permanent damage to that person’s lungs. The physician then had to do surgery or organ transplant, which is undeniably expensive. While it’s true that pneumonia can go away by itself, it could have been better if the doctor saw and helped cure it beforehand. This may occur to your pets, too! That is why it’s essential to make sure that they see their vets regularly.

3. Seeing your Pets’ Vet Will Educate you About Pets, Which Lets you Prepare for Future Issues

When you visit a vet, they always give you information about what your pets have or may acquire. These details like pets’ diet, actions, and medications can help you make a quick diagnosis if your pets are acting strangely. At Fine Animal Hospital, they like educating pet owners like you to save them in times of emergencies. For example, if a pet has dog asthma, you will be taught how to avoid attacks and tell you effective interventions if triggered.

4. Pets Can Be Good at Hiding Illness Symptoms

Unknown to you, your cats or dogs may have illnesses because they’re good at hiding symptoms they may have. This is the reason why you should ensure to always monitor your pets. More importantly, taking them to vets regularly will let you know if they have a disease. Pets could have a deadly illness for years without you noticing until the day they expire.

Veterinarians are trained to notice, diagnose, and treat animals’ illnesses. For ordinary people, you may not see when your pets are acting strangely. You may not take it seriously when they refuse to drink or eat as frequently as usual, which you assume are normal. But they could mean something worse. So, taking our pets to the vets regularly will save them in the long run.

5. As your Pets Age, Medical Issues Can Arise

Much like people, pets get old that could make them vulnerable to health issues. Vets advise that senior cats and dogs visit an animal hospital more frequently than adult pets because they are more at risk of having medical problems. They also require specific medications that can only be acquired through a vet’s prescription.

While health problems can come out at any age with pets, elderly pets may have more issues such as heart ailments, joint difficulties, vision and hearing loss, respiratory difficulties, along other more deadly illnesses like cancer. Did you know that old dogs can also get dementia? You heard it right. Dogs may also lose cognitive function as they age, like when older humans catch Alzheimer’s Disease. But these can be prevented if you take them to the vet regularly.